16 Aug 2014

Random facts about Russians vol.2

Hi, guys!
I guess, post about russians was successful and I'm will continue these posts.

1. Russians love mushrooms and if we're see the mushrooms we will start pick them, it's our tradition and we have a proverb: "Forest feeds". A long time we didn't grow a champignons and we ate only forest mushrooms. Russian people know names of mushrooms and can recognize poisonous or edible mushrooms.

2. We get round the pillars, that stand in "|\" shape.

We believe, that into the space between pillars there is a bad energy. In my city all that pillars with path. Yeah.

3. Answer "Yes, no, maybe" - one of most popular in Russia. "Do you wanna walk today?" "Yes, no, maybe..." This is mean: "Maybe, I want and I'll think about this" or "I don't wanna walk with you today" or "Weather so bad today, but I wanna walk later", or more and more meanings.

4. Russians love to give advices.

5. Quality of medicine and its rating in Russia whole rely on doctor, who will heal you, you can find a good doctor by recommendations of your friends etc.

6. Russian women very jealous. They even can be jealous to their friends, to their female-friends. You're only can guess how russian women are jealous to their husbands or boyfriends.

7. In Russia there is very popular drink "Kvas". Kvas prepared with wheat wort, yeast and sugar.

8. In Russia so much single mothers. And there is not surprising in phrase: "In Russia many children was raised by two women" because it was mothers and grandmothers.

9. Most of russian people live in flats, not everybody can have own house. Houses in cities are old and all new houses, usually, built in distant districts of city.


10. We don't love talking about meal, when we sitting at the table, we love talking about relationships, about friends, about problems etc.

13 Aug 2014

Cherry cola lime (recipe)

Hi, guys!
Lately I looked for recipe of Cherry cola lime, from song "Florida kilos" by Lana Del Rey, and I found only info about cherry Coca Cola. Cherry Cola have been in 90's, at least, where I live :-)
And I think, cherry cola lime from song, wasn't just flavored Coca Cola, because only Coca Cola and lime just not fun.
And today I'm write my super-simple recipe of Cherry Cola Lime cocktail!

We need:
- High glass
- Coca Cola  ~150 ml
- Cherry liquor  ~40-50 ml
- Lime - 1 slice
- Ice 3-4 cubes

Pour a little bit of Cola into your glass, add ice and cherry liquor, pour the Cola again. Add lime for decor.
That's all :-)

My cocktail "Cherry Cola lime"

P.S.: My cherry liquor I brought from Corfu and I can reccomend it! If you will be in Corfu, surely buy liquors, it's really good things!

12 Aug 2014

Random facts about Russians

Hi guys! Yesterday I read facts about people from Europe and I thought, that will be so cool, if I'll write facts about russians.

Let's go!

1. We eat a lot of bread... No... A LOT of bread! We don't eat bread only with potato, rice and pasta. All porridges, soups, vegetable ragout we eat with bread.
2. In Russia mega-super bad form, if you accidently had belching or farts, even your friends don't forget this to you, if you loud blow your nose, it is a bad form too. I have allergy, and I forced to blow my nose, I'm rude.
3. In Russia so many people, who got higher education. No one employer doesn't want workers without higher education, and if you good know your deal, it is not always a reason for make you worker of the company.
4. So many girls in Russia, and russian girls in other countries wear heels in their everyday life. I don't understand this impulse, really! I wear heels only for holidays, parties etc.
5. There is a stereotype about russians, who drink vodka, this is not a true, this is true partially. Like other people in other countries, we have alcoholics, but rest part of us drink alcohol rarely or don't drink in general.
6. Russians really love a tea! We drink tea everyday, in the morning, in the evening, even in the night too! And I'm not exclusion, I loooove tea!
7. Russian people scrutinize each other, and that man, and this girl, and cellulite of thaaaat woman on the beach. This is a terrible habit!
8. Russian women have big love to furs, and I'm don't have a power to eradicate this destructive love :-(
9. Russian men have big love to wearing socks and sandals. Together. Yeah. Women in furs, men in sandals with socks, mental.
10. In Russia there is prohibition of smoking. Everywhere. In cafe, in restaurant, on the street, on children playground, on the parks, on your own entrance. But russians smoking anyway.

30 Jul 2014

Birthday make-up!

Hi, guys!
Today is my birthday and I wanna show you my birthday make-up!

Like I'm doing always now, I'm leave steps about tonal foundation, concealer and powder :-)

Let's begin!


Apply white eyeshadow with glitter to your upper eyelid


And add brown matte eyeshadow to the crease and shade it


And now add light pink matte eyeshadow above layer with brown eyeshadow, shade it together for making deep and rich natural pink color


To outter corner of your eyes add the glitter light plum eyeshadow


Line the outter part of bottom eyelid with lavender eyeshadow...


And now add the pink eyeshadow. Line the remaining part of your bottom eyelid


On this step I added lilac liner to outter part of lashline and white glittering eyeshadow from step 1 to inner corners of my eyes


Line your lashline with black eyeliner and line your waterline with black kayal


Apply the mascara


And for lips I used only lipliner, because lipliner more longlasting, and it's so important for holiday

That's all and make-up inished :-) 
Happy birthday to me!


25 Jun 2014

Golden make-up

Hi guys! Today my make-up tutorial will be in new format!
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