21 May 2015

Cheese toast-rolls

Hi, guys!
Today I wanna share with you a recipe of cheese toast-rolls.

For cookin' we need:

  • American sandwich bread
  • A sandwich cheese
  • A sunflover/vegetable  oil

1. Cut off bread crusts

2. Roll out the bread crumbs with cup or plunger

3. Take a sandwich cheese
4. Put a cheese slice to the rolled bread crumb

5. Make a roll

6. Roast it with sunflower/vegetable oil usin' heaten pan

7. When it's done put it on the plate

8. Serve this dish with sauce you like

I wish you more success of your cookin', enjoy your meal and be happy!!!


9 Mar 2015

Dutch styled baked rolls

Hi, my dear guys!
Today I wanna show you my interpretation of baked roll from puff dough. Recipe of this roll I found in Internet, this recipe is very popular in Russian social networks.
For baked roll we need:
- Puff pastry (1 pack, I separate it to 4 pieces)
- Mustard (100 gr)
- Basil, oregano, rosemary, coriander (If you like it)
- Pickles (5)
- Tomatoes (2 big)
- Cheese (400 gr)
- Ham (300 gr)

1. Roll out the dough and make a sauce - to mustard add seasonings and mix it all.

2. To the dough spread the spiced mustard.

3. Add at first a grated cheese, and then add the sliced pickles, tomatoes and ham, above this topping put another layer of the grated cheese.

4. And roll up the dough, put it to your previously oiled oven-tray and put the rolls to oven with temperature ~185C about to 20-25 mins.

5. Cool down your rolls after baking.

6. Cut them to slices and this is all!

Have a happy holidays and good mood!


8 Feb 2015


Hey-hey, my dear guys!
Today I wanna show you my new photo recipe of mini-pizza.
Let's go!

We need:
- Little tortilla
- Ketchup or another tomato sause
- Sausage
- Cheese
- Tomatoes, I use cherry-tomatoes

After all steps, I baked pizza in my microwave oven in "baking mode" or just bring about 2-3 min. in normal mode.

And that's done!
This pizza is very-very tasty and easy to cooking!


16 Jan 2015

Elvish make-up

Hi, guys!
Today I wanna show you my version of elvish make-up, inspired by fairytale images of forest elves.

Let's go!

30 Dec 2014

New Year party festive retro style make-up

Hi, guys!
We already preparing for New Year!
And today I wanna show you my make-up tutorial for New Year night party!

Let's go!

26 Dec 2014

Russian traditions. New Year menu. "Olivie" salad.

Hi, guys!

Today I wanna share with you are our traditional russian recipe of New Year special salad - "Olivie".
"Olivie" salad was designed by a french cook who worked in Russia, his surname was Olivier.

Original recipe of "Olivie" included crayfish tails and different delicious products, which have been changed to more available and simple.

And now "Olivie" is one of most popular salads in Russia, and we are cooking this salad for one of our favorite holidays - New Year.

31th December in each russian family housewives cooking "Olivie", usually when we cooking, TV broadcasts the one of our popular films - "Irony of the Fate or Enjoy Your Bath" ("Ironia sud'bi ili S lyogkim parom").

This movie was filmed in 1975, and this is the story about doctor Eugene from Moscow, who washed in sauna and after that flown to St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg he came to wrong house, this adress was the same as his Moscow adress, in that house he met Nadya, she was the school teacher, and in New Year her fiance Ippolit wanted propose her. And then, started the main actions between them...

And now I return to general theme of my post. "Olivie" salad.

For "Olivie" we need:

1.  6 boiled potatoes
2. 2 boiled carrots
3. 4 boiled eggs
4. Pickles (cucumbers) - 3 big or 6 little or 1 big fresh cucumber
5. Green peas (canned) - 1 can
6. Ham or boiled chicken, or boiled beef, in Russia so much people love sausage
7. Mayonaise souce
8. Onion (I like without it) or spring onion

1. Just slice all the products in this sequence. I do it in this way:
Pickles or cucumber

2. After that add the onion and green peas, and if you're want add the spring onion, do it in the finish steps

3. Just add the mayonaise souce and mix it all.

My tricks in cooking:

- For more simple cutting of the potatoes I use vegetable oil, I just apply it on my knife and slice potatoe, this trick make better glide of the knife and reduces stickiness of potatoe.

- For cutting of the eggs I use one simple trick: put egg on cup and put down the knife edge to the cup, just do the cutting moves and turn the knife again and again.

- For better saving of  "Olivie" just don't add the mayonaise. Add this souce just before serving.
(In Russia we are don't used to to throw the products and 1st January we also eat "Olivie")

That's all!

Happy New Year!


16 Dec 2014

Make-up - transformer for New Year party. From casual to glam

Hi, guys!
Now I'm here!
And today I wanna show you my make-up for New Year party.
First look will be casual and this make-up I will transform to more glam look.
Let's go!