25 Jun 2014

Golden make-up

Hi guys! Today my make-up tutorial will be in new format!
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3 Jun 2014

Beyonce's "No Angel" inspired make-up

Hi, guys!
I'm continue my posts about Beyonce's make-ups from her videos. And today I'll show you my version of make-up from video "No Angel".

30 May 2014

Beyonce's "Mine" inspired make-up / Prom make-up / Make-up for hooded eyes

Hi, guys!
Today my post will be about inspired bright make-up from Beyonce's video "Mine", and I think, this variation of make-up can be used just like prom make up.

18 May 2014

On The Go: Prague

Hi, guys! I started a new theme in my blog, this theme named "On The Go" and in this theme you can find photos from my travels. Today I'll show you my photos from Prague.
Prague is one of the most popular cities for tourism and just a beautiful city! 
No words, just look my photos!

28 Apr 2014

Pasta farfalle a la fondue Emmental

Hi, guys! Today we will cooking tasty dish with pasta!

We need:
- pasta farfalle 350g
- champignons 200g
- chicken fillet 200g
- cream 20% 200 ml
- broccoli 100g
- processed cheese 2 brickets (200g)
- oil
- salt

Boil chicken fillet in salt water about 40 mins and then fry it, or you can just fry fillet. Fry champignons in vegetable oil 35 mins, and sauté broccoli after champignons.

Boil pasta farfalle in salt water about 10-12 mins, I was boil my pasta a long time and my pasta became so soft, this is wrong! Look after your pasta :-)

And then we start very important step - sauce.

Cream we put on saucepan and when cream will be hot, we put a processed cheese on it and melt it. When the sauce will be smooth, it's done.

Put chicken, champignons and broccoli to pasta and mix them all.

Put your sauce to all ingredients and mix again.

That's all! And we finished our cooking :-)

Bon appetit and good luck!


25 Apr 2014