9 Apr 2014

Rating of tonal foundations and BB-creams. Week challenge

Hi, guys!
Today I'll show you my personal rating of tonal foundations and BB-creams.
My skin is combined, dry on cheeks and oily on T-zone.
Let's begin!
I tested 7 foundations and making my rating.

1. Eva Mosaic Skin Fitness

This foundation positioned for skin 35+. I really don't know, which components in tonal foundation make skin for looking younger and I'm don't belive in this, thinking this is marketing things.
This foundation so solid and lasting. 
This is Russian brand.

2. L'Oeal Mat Magique

This foundation almost perfect. Almost, because on dry zones of my skin Mat Magique looks too dry.
But my T-zone looks really nice. I use 03 tone, like in picture.

3. Garnier BB Cream

Contradictory BB Cream. This is not solution for oily zones, because foundation on it stay very visibly after 1 hour. But at all Garnier BB Cream really good.

4. Maybelline BB Cream

This is my choise for summer. This cream so liquid and light, perfect for young skin.
I'm bought second tube, but I'm was wrong with color, now my skin looks porcelain and a little bit of orange pigment looks really visible.

5. Clarins Extra Firming Foundation

"Good job!" This words I can say about this foundation. Even taking into account that I have one tone and this tone so dark for my skin, my skin looks absolutely perfect! 
One minus of this product is high cost. 42$ for me - very expencive.

6. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Perfect for winter. Very solid, long-lasting and color riched foundation. One little minus - if you make mistake with color, it will be visible on your skin. I use this product every winter.

7. Ballet Tonal Foundation with Lecithin

I remember this cream from USSR times, all women used this foundation, because in USSR we didn't have another analogs and products. I'm bought this cream in supermarket for my test, cost of this product ~0,6$.
"Ballet" stay really good and long-lasting, for all skin types. I'm pleasantly surprised! But this foundation not for summer.

My rating:

I'm rate all products by 5-point scale, and you see, no one product haven't negative rating :-)

Have a nice day! Good luck!


4 Apr 2014

Things from 90's in Russia

Hi, my dear readers! Just now I was reading a posts about 90's, and I saw that many things from this years was similar in many countries, and I want doing today's post about things what we had in Russia in 90's.