11 Jun 2015

Squids in creamy sauce

Hi, guys!

Today I wanna share with you my new recipe of squids in creamy sauce.

For this dish we need:

- Squids (3-4 little)
- Flour (2 tbsp.)
- Sour cream (2 tbsp.)
- Butter
- Salt

Boil the squids and cut to thin rings

Fry squids in butter

Add flour, mix it with squids and fry again

When flour becomes "golden"...

Add the sour cream

And water, mix it all

Cover the pan and fry again

After 5-10 mins sauce will be thick and dish is done

I served in with rice

Good luck!


2 Jun 2015

Prom makeup 2015

Hi guys!

June it's the time of proms in schools, colleges and universities and today I publish for you my new post about prom makeup.

21 May 2015

Cheese toast-rolls

Hi, guys!
Today I wanna share with you a recipe of cheese toast-rolls.

For cookin' we need:

  • American sandwich bread
  • A sandwich cheese
  • A sunflover/vegetable  oil

1. Cut off bread crusts

2. Roll out the bread crumbs with cup or plunger

3. Take a sandwich cheese
4. Put a cheese slice to the rolled bread crumb

5. Make a roll

6. Roast it with sunflower/vegetable oil usin' heaten pan

7. When it's done put it on the plate

8. Serve this dish with sauce you like

I wish you more success of your cookin', enjoy your meal and be happy!!!


9 Mar 2015

Dutch styled baked rolls

Hi, my dear guys!
Today I wanna show you my interpretation of baked roll from puff dough. Recipe of this roll I found in Internet, this recipe is very popular in Russian social networks.
For baked roll we need:
- Puff pastry (1 pack, I separate it to 4 pieces)
- Mustard (100 gr)
- Basil, oregano, rosemary, coriander (If you like it)
- Pickles (5)
- Tomatoes (2 big)
- Cheese (400 gr)
- Ham (300 gr)

1. Roll out the dough and make a sauce - to mustard add seasonings and mix it all.

2. To the dough spread the spiced mustard.

3. Add at first a grated cheese, and then add the sliced pickles, tomatoes and ham, above this topping put another layer of the grated cheese.

4. And roll up the dough, put it to your previously oiled oven-tray and put the rolls to oven with temperature ~185C about to 20-25 mins.

5. Cool down your rolls after baking.

6. Cut them to slices and this is all!

Have a happy holidays and good mood!


8 Feb 2015


Hey-hey, my dear guys!
Today I wanna show you my new photo recipe of mini-pizza.
Let's go!

We need:
- Little tortilla
- Ketchup or another tomato sause
- Sausage
- Cheese
- Tomatoes, I use cherry-tomatoes

After all steps, I baked pizza in my microwave oven in "baking mode" or just bring about 2-3 min. in normal mode.

And that's done!
This pizza is very-very tasty and easy to cooking!


16 Jan 2015

Elvish make-up

Hi, guys!
Today I wanna show you my version of elvish make-up, inspired by fairytale images of forest elves.

Let's go!

30 Dec 2014

New Year party festive retro style make-up

Hi, guys!
We already preparing for New Year!
And today I wanna show you my make-up tutorial for New Year night party!

Let's go!