17 Sep 2014

Brown and black smokey eyes

Hi guys!

My today's make-up will be in brown and black tones, this colors are perfect for autumn and this my make-up you can use for evening.

Let's go!

Denim. Fall 2014

16 Aug 2014

Random facts about Russians vol.2

Hi, guys!
I guess, post about russians was successful and I'm will continue these posts.

1. Russians love mushrooms and if we're see the mushrooms we will start pick them, it's our tradition and we have a proverb: "Forest feeds". A long time we didn't grow a champignons and we ate only forest mushrooms. Russian people know names of mushrooms and can recognize poisonous or edible mushrooms.

2. We get round the pillars, that stand in "|\" shape.

We believe, that into the space between pillars there is a bad energy. In my city all that pillars with path. Yeah.

3. Answer "Yes, no, maybe" - one of most popular in Russia. "Do you wanna walk today?" "Yes, no, maybe..." This is mean: "Maybe, I want and I'll think about this" or "I don't wanna walk with you today" or "Weather so bad today, but I wanna walk later", or more and more meanings.

4. Russians love to give advices.

5. Quality of medicine and its rating in Russia whole rely on doctor, who will heal you, you can find a good doctor by recommendations of your friends etc.

6. Russian women very jealous. They even can be jealous to their friends, to their female-friends. You're only can guess how russian women are jealous to their husbands or boyfriends.

7. In Russia there is very popular drink "Kvas". Kvas prepared with wheat wort, yeast and sugar.

8. In Russia so much single mothers. And there is not surprising in phrase: "In Russia many children was raised by two women" because it was mothers and grandmothers.

9. Most of russian people live in flats, not everybody can have own house. Houses in cities are old and all new houses, usually, built in distant districts of city.


10. We don't love talking about meal, when we sitting at the table, we love talking about relationships, about friends, about problems etc.